Jewelry - More is More

“More is More” is a collection of body ornamentation intended to portray beauty, status and cultural symbols while intentionally skewing tradition. Readily recognizable forms and precious materials are juxtaposed with unexpected media of socially lesser value. The object is to explore the social response to the unexpected media such as brass safety pins and copper pot scrubbers when incorporated with precious materials; pearls, silk, gemstones. What happens when the preciousness of silver and time honored embroidery techniques are applied to bubble wrap lined with hand quilted organza. A nesting broach perched in the crook of the shoulder evokes the spiritual nature of how we collect jewellery like memories and embroider stories and superstitions around our jealously guarded talismans. A layering of textures, lace, needlework and gemstones questions the Puritan ethic of “Less is More” by recalling periods in history when the definitions of grace and beauty were less stringent and complexity was a virtue. In sum, this work was created to evoke feelings of personal connection, spark social dialog and speak of humanity.